View Full Version : Question about GF4 Ti 4800 over 4600

03-16-03, 06:32 PM
I know the difference between the 4600 and the 4800, however there is one thing I havn't been able to find out:
Will the 4800 run in AGP modes OTHER than 8x, or is it locked in 8x mode?
I have a non-8x capable board (Asus A7V333) and will be looking to get a GeForce4 Ti4600/800 shortly (I can only afford to stay one step behind the 'bleading edge' cards so when the FX finally hits shelves I'll buy a GF4) and I've noticed that now the 4800 is out all major suppliers are dropping the 4600 as if it was burning.

Basicly what I'm asking is will I have to hunt for a 4600 when the FX is out, or will I be able to run the 4800 at AGP 4x?


03-16-03, 06:52 PM
The 4800 will work at 4X no problem :dance:

03-17-03, 01:17 AM
Correct. The NV18 (GeForce4 MX 4?0) and NV28 (GeForce4 Ti4?00) are AGP 8x/4x only GPUs and will not run in AGP 2x/1x modes.

03-17-03, 05:52 AM
They will run in AGP2x mode

03-19-03, 12:51 AM
My comment is from reading AGP3.0 specs, not from actually trying my NV18s or my NV28 in AGP 2x/1x operation.

- The AGP3.0 specification doesn't include 2x/1x operation, only 8x/4x.
- However, the NVIDIA NV18 and NV28 data sheets claim 8x/4x/2x/1x, so Volt is probably right.