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03-11-07, 11:15 PM

As promised, here is an update regarding Update 2. It is due to go into final testing at SEGA on 16th March. All going well, we then hope to have it ready for release approximately a week later. Because of the new tools included in the update (such as the cinematic editor and battle editor), the update size will be about 650 megs. This also means that we required additional time to set up sufficient mirror sites to cope with demand for the update. The team would like to thank you again for your patience, and will bring you any further news as soon as possible.

But we're getting editors!!

03-11-07, 11:27 PM
That deserves 3 bananas: (nana2) (nana2) (nana2)

03-12-07, 03:36 PM

But we're getting editors!!

Battle editor ? how that works?

What will be nice is if the cinematic editor allows you to save all your campaign battles ,multiplayer and historical for later replay.

03-12-07, 03:37 PM
Fix for the billmen?