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03-12-07, 01:09 AM
running vista ultimate 64. wow what a difference in perf. went from an asus nforce4 deluxe with fx60 clocked at 3g with 2 gigs of gskill ddr pc3200 to the asus p5wdh deluxe with core2 e6600 running 100% stable at 3.6g (400 x 9) with 4 gigs of gskill pc6400 ddr2 running at 800mhz. everthing much faster. definitely very noticeable. i would say 50% faster on average. running one 8800gtx. previous games that use to run 20-30 fps like cod2 or trl at 1920x1280 now run at 60-100fps without dropping. best bang for buck processor right now. very happy. even with a faster video card, processor and bus speed are still important until the entire graphics pipeline is handled by the gpu. very happy with the upgrade. hope AMD gets back in the game.

03-12-07, 08:04 AM
This thing is no celeron. Celerons had crap performance.

However, they do overclock very well.

If you want a Core 2 duo that's like a celeron, go pick an E4300. That thing is far closer to a celeron than the E6600.

03-13-07, 05:11 AM
Yeah i have the E4200 which is just like a celeron, 1.4GHz overclock sofar for me. With extra cooling on the power converters i am sure i can hit 95-100% overclock on air.

03-13-07, 05:27 PM
This thing is no celeron. Celerons had crap performance.

However, they do overclock very well.

If you want a Core 2 duo that's like a celeron, go pick an E4300. That thing is far closer to a celeron than the E6600.

you are missing the point here :p

03-13-07, 10:33 PM
My point was towards the overclocking/bank for buck comparison. The celeron 300A was the start of the overclocking craze. This chip brings back memories. I remember pairing the cely up with the abit bh6 running at 450mhz on 100fsb with a pair of V2s in sli. Seeing Unreal running smoothly was incrediblec back in the day. Getting this processor for $300 running at 3.8ghz at 1.46v from default 2.4ghz reminds me of the those days. damn my 8800gtx was starving for triangles. The nvidia demos that ran some parts at 15-20fps on the fx60 (mad mod mike, luna, froggy, adrianne, the new cascades) all now run at 60fps with this chip. Fear runs at 60fps. Before 20-30fps. 3dmark06 ran like ass on the fx60 now runs most parts around 40-80fps. got 10800. It's like a whole new experience. All the latest games I have run the way they're supposed to run with a 8800gtx.

03-14-07, 02:36 AM
ur giving ur cpu a bit too much credit for that fps gain lol, i think the 8800gtx had much more to do with it.;)

03-16-07, 05:50 PM
cpu limited like a mofo. dissapointed after i got my 8800gtx to see some of the newer titles like Tomb Raider Legend, Fear, Oblivion, COD2 running like mr hankey at 1920x1280. Now pretty much everything I throw at it runs at 60fps. Was thinking of going SLI but due to no sli support in current Vista 64 drivers, the fact that Nvidia is pumping out new cards every 6 months (which i'm not upset about) and that the single 8800gtx is running everything smoothly with the e6600, no $LI right now until GOTY/Crisis comes out. waiting for geforce overclocking utility that works in vista 64 so i can push up the bfg wc 8800gtx back to 690/2100 that i had before.

03-16-07, 06:09 PM
with my X2 3800 at 2.4 with my 7900gtx CS:S would dip to 30fps in 30 man servers. Upgraded to C2D now never goes below 70. 1680x1050 4xaa 16xaf

03-16-07, 06:42 PM
Well the E4300 is normaly hitting 3.6GHz for 100% overclock on air so that is a real Celeron 300A.

03-17-07, 01:59 PM
ok my optimal final settings are set. hitting brick wall at 3.68ghz at 1.47 volts. anything past this no matter what voltages, memory timings, bus speed, it crashes at random points in vista. got it up to 3.8ghz but not 100% stable. got tired of waiting for nvidia to release o'clock utility that works in vista 64 (tried ntune, atitool, rivatuner - none worked). I disabled device signature in vista to get any of these apps working. didn't work. so i modified bios. downloaded nibitor, downloaded bfg 8800gtx wc rev 3 bios, changed clock timings to 675 core, 1450 shader, and 1000 memory from default of 575-1350-900. sweated like a beAtch during install (used micro card as bootable disk). easy as pie. got extra 1.5-2k points in 3dmrk06 - 12,400. tightened up sys mem timings to 4-3-4-3-7 from 4-4-4-12 at 2.25 volts. this 4gig gskill kit rocks. happy o'clocking to all.

03-19-07, 09:52 AM
i <3 my e4300. now to just upgrade the mobo/mem/psu....

oh ya, any suggestions on a mobo and ram?...looking to keep it under $500.

03-19-07, 11:08 AM
ur giving ur cpu a bit too much credit for that fps gain lol, i think the 8800gtx had much more to do with it.;)

Indeed, especially at 1900x1200, he's talkin out of his ass.:headexplode:

03-19-07, 04:33 PM
The point is they're so easy to OC that its bringing ppl like me who have never OCed b/f in their life into the fold. I think he was just braggin about the frame rates like a proud father (nana2)

03-19-07, 08:01 PM
"bragging". no not at all. unless my configuration was fudged up, fear is a perfect example. on my fx60 the game went down to the teens in some parts, whereas with the e6600, the worst it bottoms out is in the 40's in heavy firefights. all games running at 1920x1200. the main thing for me is that games no longer bottom out in the teens/20's in cpu limited parts of the game when displaying more vertex data especially in outdoor scenes (oblivion, trl), and #of enemies on screen (cod2), which got a huge improvement in performance. you don't need a fps counter to notice the difference in smoothness in player/screen movement. i haven't finished alot of the newer games because they never ran as smooth/realistic as I was hoping they would when i got the 8800gtx. they do now. was playing more on the xbox 360. i've been buying amd cpus since the k6 after the cely 300a. never jumped on the p3 or p4. i don't post much if at all. so for me to post means how highly i think of this line of dc2 chips.

03-19-07, 10:23 PM
I never had much of a problem in FEAR never noticed it get as low as you have said even with my 7800GTX's in SLi or 8800GTX. I must try out Oblivion as some parts it did get a bit slow. It wasn't horrible but it was lower then what i would of liked. I am shocked that i manged to get my Core 2 E4300 to 3.33GHz with 1.55v i am really impressed with this cheap CPU which kicks the ass out of my X2 4400+ 2.2GHz @ 2.66GHz which cost me 444 while this E4300 1.8GHz @ 3.33GHz cost me 110 :eek: