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03-12-07, 04:31 PM
Hi guys, new to the forum here...but have a question for you all.

I have a 6800GT 256 meg Asus, i think...bought it a year or so ago and used it on XP, primarily.

Then vista (business is what i have) came around and i installed that. I play video games that are somewhat demanding of my card, so I need an Over clocking program to keep in touch until this summer when i can can build my 8800GT SLI machine. oooooh :)

However, to play a my fav game (Company Of Hereos) i need the beta Nvidia Drivers, and those drivers dont allow me access my control panel to mess with the OCing of coolbits, or whatever i have installed.

So im asking you all if you could help me find a way to get CoH running with an Over Clocking system like my old XP.

or something where i can squeeze a little more juice out of my card.

Thank you guys!

03-12-07, 05:11 PM
Try ATiTool 0.27 B1, nearly the only GPU OC'ing software wornking in Vista.

03-18-07, 05:01 AM
I heard ATITool displayed the clock frequencies wrong on nVidia cards. Has that been solved yet?