View Full Version : Texture corruption with my new 8800 GTS

03-13-07, 12:52 PM
I just got a new 8800 GTS (LeadTek 640 mb), but was disappointed to find texture problems with Company of Heroes. I'm trying to determine if I got a bad card... does this happen to be a known issue for 8800's and CoH? Or did I get a bad card?

Texture corruption (http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/1715/relic00006yo5.jpg)

Fields of red (AF issue?) (http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/1053/relic00007ye2.jpg)

Garbage in interface (http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/4199/relic00008jc6.jpg)

These were taken while running at 1680x1050 with all settings maxed except physics (medium) and texture qual (high). I tried the ultra textures first, but noticed similar problems, so I tried switching to high textures to see if the problem went away. (obviously, it didn't)

I am not OC'ing the card.

So far I've tried BF2 and CnC 3 demo as well, and haven't seen any problems, but I also haven't had a lot of time on either of them.

I'm on WinXP using Nvidia drivers 97.92.
I'm using CoH patch 1.5
A64 3800
2 Gig ram
Antec 480W PS.

XFX Support
03-14-07, 12:59 PM
Thats a tough call, it could be the video card, the game or another piece of hardware. I would spend a bit more time on the other games to see if they have problems. If not try uninstalling COH then reinstalling it. Also its always a bit helpful if you are using two sticks of RAM to try one at a time as well. Keep us posted.

XFX Support

03-14-07, 01:16 PM
Have you tried the other available drivers? Not that there's alot out there atm. The last time I had issues like that, especially the corruption, it was a driver issue. That looks exactly like what I had, but mine was in FEAR and FarCry, and on 7800GTs.

I don't have that game but with the 97.92s all is well but for Doom 3, looks horrible.

03-14-07, 02:38 PM
Yeah, I think I will probably try some different drivers tonight... though I would have thought if it was an issue specific to 8800 + 97.92 + CoH there'd be some more noise about it as I'm sure there are many others out there with that combonation.

I had the FarCry texture issue once upon a time myself, but that was just an issue of missing textures, not corrupted ones.

I didn't get a chance to poke around much last night, but I did run ATITool for an hour and it didn't find any artifacts. (Are there any other diagnostic utilities like that for GPUs?)

Also, I did tried 3DMark05. It ran fine (no corruption) but I got a *much* lower score (~8900) than the 8800 reviews indicated I should be getting. Do the reviews leave out the CPU benchmarks? (I can't do that with the free version of 3DMark). I checked to make sure I wasn't forcing any AA settings on or anything, but it didn't appear that I was. The framerate I'm getting in CoH seems about right, so I don't think my card has an across-the-board performance issue.

Thanks for your suggestions.