View Full Version : Best SUB $100 pci-e card?

03-13-07, 03:33 PM
Hopefully after this PC build project for my dad, I'll have enough spare $$ to put together my own system. I won't have enough for the video card but I figure I can probably wait until whatever the next Nvidia card is and get that or an 8800 after prices drop.

So anyways, I'm planning on just using a very inexpensive card for the time being. For $100 or less, my expectations in gaming performance aren't exactly set high but I don't want total crap though. I want something that's semi decent that can run HL2 without any problems. Right now, that's really all I still play until Crysis comes out (and by then I'll hopefully have the cash for a DX10 card).

So I need some reccomendations on a decent PCIe card that is $100 or less new or if anyone has anything decent to sell for that price, I'd be interested.

As I said though, this will only be temporary until Crysis comes out so spending an extra $40 or $50 for something a little better doesn't interest me.

So far the only ones really appealing in any way are the following. Most of which are $60~$70 after mail in rebates from Newegg

Nvidia 7600GS 256
Nvidia 7300GT 256
ATI X1550 512
ATI X1600pro 256

03-13-07, 03:43 PM
7600GS definitely.

03-14-07, 07:52 AM
I used an X800GTO when my 8800GTX was being replaced (Got lucky with an early BFGtech card :lol:). It was a great card for under < 100.

03-14-07, 08:30 AM
yeah I was about to ask about the X800GTO

Edit: Cha CHING! Nevermind!