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03-15-07, 07:02 AM

I am newbie in this forum and first of all i wanna say this is a great site to get help.

I use a autostereoscopic display from SeeReal Technologies (vertical interleaved format). I go some problems to get it working fine...

1.- Now i wanna buy a new computer, but i don't find a nvidia graphic card that have the desired perfomance and stereo driver support.
The nvidia Stereo driver 91.31 force me to use forceware 91.31... no support for 7950GT and 8xxx series. i can't find a 7900 GT in a computer shop. Is there any way to get stereo drivers working on a 8800GTS???.

2.- I got a ASUS A6JC notebook with a geforce 7300 go graphic card and i want to use stereo driver in this machine also (this notebook has DVI output, and this is very useful to get maximum quality in seereal autostereoscopic displays). The problem is i cannot find drivers for my notebook matching any stereo driver version from nvidia.

Thanks for all.