View Full Version : confused with hookup!!!

03-16-07, 10:32 AM
I got my hd receiver from Cox and a Philips HT in a box system. Now I am confused, as to how to hook everything up with my hdtv, 360, ps3 and wii. I want the video to come on the tv and audio to go to my HTS. Problem is my HTS has only 2 audio inputs and 1 component video input. MY receiver has HDMI and so does my TV but I also need hdmi for my PS3. The 360 I guess I can connect using vga cable and the wii to the ypbpr component on tv and tv out to the HTS. so what do i need so i can have my hd receiver and ps3 hooked up at same time???

03-16-07, 02:07 PM
Does your receiver have enough inputs to hook all audio and video to it, and the outputs to hook audio and video to the tv? If so you can try to route everything through your receiver.
ie: everything -> receiver -> tv