View Full Version : Th3 C3ll!!!111

03-16-07, 07:15 PM
Post all your th3 c3ll sayings here; like this one from Butter Bandit regarding folding@home discoveries:

Don't worry, t3h c311 will be intelligent enough to realize when it discovers something important, sell it, and split the profit with you. t3h c3ll is your friend!

03-17-07, 12:06 AM
t3h c3ll is all knowing and all powerful, which is also referred to as God...

God is a lame ass term for t3h c3ll. :thumbdwn:

03-17-07, 06:55 AM
Chuck Norris knows where Carmen Sandiego is because he used the power of teh C3ll to find her. He then tried to roundhouse kick teh c3ll but teh c3ll anticipated his betrayal and jumped into the 10th dimension and then re-apeared behind Chuck Norris and fired a bluray disc into his throat. Because bluray discs have a higher capacity then DVD, and are thus closer to perfection, they sliced through Chuck Norris' bear and right through his neck. It killed him instantly.

Teh C3ll then calculated how important Chuck Norris was and is to the world and so teh C3ll resurrected Chuck Norris and now they are friends.

03-17-07, 07:38 AM
so stupid.....

03-17-07, 07:44 AM
so stupid.....


03-17-07, 08:22 AM