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03-17-07, 04:14 PM
Hi, Need some advice from neone out there!!

Ok, Ive recently had to totally wipe my system hard drives with killdisk, to enable me to reinstall Windows XP because my upgrade to Vista didnt go to plan alongside Linux. Anyway, I now have windows XP booting from my IDE drive with a spare SATA drive in my setup. I have changed the bios settings to enable it to boot from my IDE hd.

After doing this, it booted fine into xp. After a system shutdown, however, it freezes at the mobos splash screen, and in order for me to get it to boot, i have to ctrl-alt-del to reset it, and then it boots str8 off everytime.

After the problems ive had, i dont mind having to reset it as i start it up everytime, but itd be nice not to have to do it. Befors, i was booting from the SATA drive str8 off, and not the IDE drive.

This system error has only occured since i swapped over the ide cable links between my DVDRW and the IDE drive, in order to make the IDE drive master. I assumed that both were on cable select as i cudnt see my DVDRW jumpers properly as i was doing this. In the bios, the HD is master, and the DVDRW is slave so i cant see this being a problem.

I am on a new nforce4 /geforce6100 based mobo and any details will be of use. Thanks guys.

03-17-07, 05:37 PM
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Do you have both devices set as master/slave off the same cable? If so you would need to physically check the jumpers to make sure your hdd is master and dvdrw is slave - assumng the hdd is the first device connected.