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03-17-03, 04:18 PM
New 42.92 Detonators available at http://download.guru3d.com/.

Today we bring you Microsoft WHQL candidate Detonator 42.92 drivers. The drivers are a pure and 100% nVIDIA reference set that originated from terratec.

The files within the archive are dated Ferbruary 12th 2003 and to date all NVIDIA graphics cards are supported. The set includes a full fetched setup/installer executable for easy installation.
Got 'em downloaded, but haven't yet installed 'em.


03-18-03, 09:46 PM
hmmm just saw these... gonna give them a go

03-19-03, 01:18 AM
I think they are way better than the 43.00. IQ is much much better, and so is overall smoothness. Havent tested any benchmarks yet, but i am keeping these for now, because they rock in games. Head and shoulders above the 43.00 in every way IMO. For some reason ( :rolleyes: ) i have stopped judging the drivers by benchmarks at all. I just test them out and see if they look and run better. They are worth the 20 mb download for sure.

03-20-03, 04:43 PM
:bugeyes: wow !!! There is a world of difference between these and the 43.00 ... the IQ on this set is awesome ... much better 2d image than 43.00 (very sharp image) ... haven't played any games yet ... waiting to fire up some Warcraft III.

- mike

03-21-03, 11:49 AM
I installed these after trying 43.00 for a few weeks. Im mainly playing UT2003 and U2 at the moment and this set of drivers are the best on those so far, Running in application mode with AA & AF on seem to have less of a hit on frame rate and deffinatly smoother (on my set up anyway), desktop also seems brighter and clearer.

I allways play UT2003/UT2 with everything on the highest setting possible
(anyone playing UT2003/U2 at super high detail with with less than 512meg ram and then blames the cpu or gfx card cuz its jerking around needs a good kick :D)
Anyway, at this high detail i did noticed that some of the textures (not all of them) appear to have slightly less detail when viewed closely with these drivers when comapred to the 43.00`s, textures that were super clear before now seem slightly blured. I also noticed in UT2003`s mutant mode on the camoflage suit your wearing it shows more/different detail, but it might be my eyes or memory :P

Im deffinatly gonna stick with these for now with my GeForce 4 as they seem to rock in games where it matters. Maybe 43.xx+ drivers are only going to show any sort of improvements and optimizations for the GeForceFX line of gpu`s and DX9 in the future, but who knows.

The leaked driver situation is getting kinda silly as of late, and i for one am sick of downloading and installing them. Wouldnt it be nice if nvidia put a readme file with each driver set stateing what has been changed from one version of driver to the next, a history.txt like other software has! lol

(oh i also gained 40 or so points in 3dmark2k1 compared to 43.00 for those who want to know)

03-21-03, 12:04 PM
Not with THIS driver set, I didn't care for this set at all. In fact, I got so disgusted with how the more recent sets are lacking effects (C'mon, I just played Unreal2 yesterday and the ship came down and fried the bad guys.....but there were NO FLAMES! There were flames the last time I played it..... :( ) that I decided to go a bit archaic to see where they went wrong.

I'm using the 23.12's now on 98se and I love 'em.

They render all the eye-candy I'm used to, and they're actually FASTER on me GF3 than any of the latest BS ones.

Sorry for the grumblies and almost OT-ish nature of this post, but all the recent drivers have just left me cold and I was surprised to find out how much I liked this old set. :)

03-21-03, 12:23 PM
Yeah im with you on that one, I might fire up the good`ol 30.82 set one of these days just to see what the difference is between new drivers and older ones, they were allways my favorite set for games :D

My ASUS cards drivers that were on the cd rom were quite good. I notice that ASUS seem to have stuck with Det v31.40 for some time now and then revised them over the months, 31.40A, 31.40B, 31.40C and so on... last time i looked they were on version H lol, heck i might even give those a try one of these days.

03-21-03, 01:27 PM
i'd like to hear what you think of the difference between these and the 30.82 are ... I always liked that set ... the 4x.xx series hasn't been all that great, but I think the 41.03 or 41.09 were the next best after these 42.92 ...

- mike