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03-20-07, 12:30 PM
Hello to all, ive been browsing on the site for a couple days now, and i must say u guys know yalls stuff. now to my question, i recently switched from a 7600gt oc from BFG to the 8800 gts oc 640mb from BFG. i also put another 512 of corsair XMS ddr400, which gives me a total of 1.5 gigs of dual channel. The problem im having is in CSS, and half life 2, basically the source games, when i set any kind of AA or AF things get studdery, still getting 170fps average, but its studdery. ive got a 4800 X2 stock, Asus A8n-deluxe, razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card. i ran 3dmark06 with out the extra 512 of ram and got a score of 8113, and with extra 512 8089, that was also using new drivers. would drivers be an issue with low fps, i also read something about 8800 and dual cores not likeing each other...anyone know anything about this. appreciate you guys taking the time to read this.

03-20-07, 12:36 PM
I didnt know you could have 1.5GB in dual channel?... though they had to be the same size/speed memory! i.e x2 512MB or x2 1GB sticks in the correct slots on the motherbaord!.... run cpu-z to make sure it is dual channel.

Where did you read about 8800 and dual cores not liking each other? my 8800 loves my E6600!

Do you get the studdering with the AA/AF off?... could be a driver issue? have you tried the new beta drivers?

03-20-07, 12:47 PM
If you added extra ram to make it 1.5gigs (im assuming you have 3 sticks) you are not running duel channel anymore. That might cost you on 3dmark and possible games... but I dont think would cause the stuttering. Have you tried different driver sets?

03-20-07, 12:48 PM
yeah i have 4 slots, ive got 2*512 sticks, and 2*256 sticks, i have them in the correct slots, all the same brand, speed, series. corsair XMS, matched pairs. well turning on AA and AF makes it worse, but its there slightly when its off, and my 7600gt ran smooth as ice, im running the 97.92 drivers, and i belive it was on the nvidia forums about the dual channel thing, ill try and find it. how are the beta drivers?