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03-17-03, 10:04 PM
I have the game obviously. There is a part of a mission where I have to use my thermal vision in order to bypass mines. However everytime I turn on thermal vision my computer freezes. Is thing a known bug or what? My specs are in the sig. The only possible thing I can think of it that I don't have directx 9 installed. Could that be it? I have heard that many people are having a lot of problems using dx9 so I don't wanna install it unless I have too.

03-18-03, 01:00 AM
install directx 9

03-18-03, 01:56 AM
My specs are different from yours, but the game worked fine with DirectX 9 for me...

03-18-03, 10:36 AM
yes... definetely install directx 9

03-20-03, 08:34 AM
try to patch it.mine is fine workin' on ver.1.1+dx 8.1b.my specs:
p3 866@1080
gf3 ti200
256 ram
40 gb MAxtor

03-20-03, 09:44 AM
isn't splinter cell solely a dx8 game? why does dx9 make a difference?

install patch 1.1 and see if that helps... I had a bug on one level where everytime I entered a vent it would crash to desktop... the patch fixed it all good... :)

edit: I just looked @ my retail box... says dx 8.1 compatible on the box... hence thats all you need... dx 9 should NOT help the game work better... thats probably NOT whats causing the problem...

03-24-03, 06:11 AM
Well maybe its an intel problem. See here is the thing. I was talking to a friend of mine who has splinter cell. We bought our pcs at the same place at around the same time. The only differance is he has a gf ti4400 is his box while I have a readon in mine. Now we both installed DX9 and the 1.1 patch. We both have that latest drivers for out vid cards.

Now in this minefield area on BOTH pcs it freezes constantly when using thermal vision. Seeing as both Nvidia and Ati products both seem to crash I suppose it is a cpu based problem? I just did a bunch of save a load and made it thru the minefield without using it. However the problem was still very annoying.