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03-22-07, 02:59 PM
I've never seen this happen in any game before...at first install STALKER ran fine...no problems for the first two sit-downs to play. At the 3rd time, the game now only renders my character's POV with the top of the screen as sky, fading to the lower half as a solid gray color. I can see my HUD, hear characters around me, but I cannot move, interact, or see anything else in the game.

What I’ve tried to fix the issue (no effect):
- Disable SLI
- Uninstall/reinstall STALKER
- Uninstall/reinstall 101.41 drivers
- Change in-game resolution and IQ settings
- Start new game

Tried playing Half-Life 2 and FEAR…neither exhibit this anomaly.

Any suggestions would be very welcome...this one has my brain scrambled!

03-22-07, 03:05 PM
disable AA settings in control panel either under global or for stalker profile

03-22-07, 03:34 PM
Thx for the suggestion. I just disabled AA in-game, in the profile and globally but unfortunately had still same results.

03-22-07, 03:41 PM
i had excactly the same thing when i first started the game

shut the game down, set stalker profile to application controller for AA, AF stayed at 16x, set AA in game to max, and never had that issue again

03-22-07, 03:55 PM
!! Thank you! I checked again and had my IQ global setting to "quality". Changed to app control, matched your settings and I'm good to go.

Thx again!

03-22-07, 10:11 PM

03-23-07, 05:35 AM
I had the same problem. Click Exit Game.. started a new game.. hammered escape to skip the intro sequence.. worked fine. You might be able to put all your settings back now you're in it.

I thought it was a dream sequence and sat there listening to the Russian guy brief me up. Glad no one was in the room watching :rolleyes: