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When: Pre-orders start on March 26th at Gamestop and on April 12th at Best Buy.

By reserving a copy of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars in advance, fans can secure their preferred username, receive special edition collector’s cards, as well as an exclusive poster.

More Details:
§ Advance Username Registration: Get an exclusive keycode to reserve your preferred username now.
§ Collector’s Cards: Receive the first 2 cards in a set of 12, each featuring a different Strogg or GDF vehicle or deployable with game facts and tips. The remaining 10 cards will only be available in the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector’s Edition (see below).
§ Poster: There are two posters in all, with each retail location offering one exclusive poster each.

About the Limited Collector’s Edition:
Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector’s Edition features premium packaging with a slipcase, as well as ten collector’s cards, available only through the Limited Collector’s Edition offer. In addition to the premium packaging and collectible cards, fans will receive a bonus DVD, complete with concept art and other cool stuff for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars’ biggest fans

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