View Full Version : 3d Stereo glasses from PNY not working

03-18-03, 07:28 AM
i have the pny geforce4 4400 card with 3d stereo glasses and XP prof. back in the 29.xx driver era, about a year ago, the glasses worked fine and i could see the tabs in display properties. i am now using the 42.82 drivers and have tried nvhardpage and i still cannot get the glasses to wrok any more. i have tried drivers 42.09 thru 43.00 to no avail. i was able at one time to manually run the stereo tester file from c:\windows\system32 folder but there was NO 3d it was all 2d. i would LOVE to be able to try out battlefield 1942 RtR with the glasses IF THEY WORKED?!?!?!?:mad: :( :mad: :(

does anybody have any solutions or having the same problems? please help

Jeff Burton

03-22-03, 10:38 AM
based on testing and some replies i have rcv'd, here it why it won't work: No drivers past the 32.92 drivers will work with 3d Stereo glasses. I tried almost all the varieties between 32.82 to the 43.03 drivers and could not get 3d to work after the 32.92 version. i even tried several of the certified drivers that nvidia put out but to no avail.

FYI: if you have a pny card that came with the 3d stereo glasses [or any other manufacture] pester the vendor and nvidia with drivers that do work with the glasses. maybe if the get enough complaints, one of the companies will rework the drivers for the glasses:)

03-24-03, 05:04 PM
goto guru3d ...they have the 4x.xx stereo driver that will and does work, My Elsas work, just play with the settings !