View Full Version : Fan Speed on AMD 4 Heatpipe CPU cooler

03-24-07, 05:17 PM
Hi guys had a quick question. The max speed I can get out of this cooler is 2800 rpm and that is due to the temp sensor built into it. I can slow the fan down with smart guardian but I cannot make it speed up to the rated 5200 rpm. I am having no problems with my cpu temps at all would just like to know if their is any way to bypass the temp sensor and make the fan run as fast as I wanted. I am going to order a Thermaltake 80 mm with the thermal sensor so I can let the fan speed up and slow down according to the temps. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions it's a great heatsink and fan I guess so long as the temps never rise to much the fan won't ever speed up beyond 2800 and guess that's a good thing. Thanks for any help or suggestions.