View Full Version : 8800GTS Problem - Jarbled Screen, even after Driver Re-Install, help!

03-25-07, 01:34 AM
I turned on my PC to find this:


The Picture is Distorted from Startup, even before Windows XP loads, so Im thinking hardware issue. I disconnected and removed my Video Card and Re-Plugged it in and rebooted, same problem.

What the heck is going on? Should I move my video card to a different slot?

As of now, I completely cleaned all my nVidia Drivers out, and re-installed the latest ones off of nVidia site (97.21, I believe). Now what is going on is my computer is sitting in 640x480 mode, and my display is not jarbled nearly as bad, its at the point where it is functional, however there are messed up pixels across the screen still. However if I try to increase the resolution any higher, it goes back to a completely jarbled screen. Could my 8800GTS be bad? Please help guys...

Also I should not that I built this computer with all new parts maybe 2 months ago.

BTW, last time I used my PC, everything was working fine...


03-25-07, 01:45 AM
If the BIOS screen is garbled like that no drivers will fix it, it's hardware.

I could be the card I had a similar problem with an ATI X800 I purchased (it was an Open Box special price, now I know why it was returned to the store hehe. The PCI-Express<->AGP Bridge had a small burned trace on the top of the chip after further examination.

Or less likely in that case but something worth checkin anyway is your power Supply too. Cards can act funny when they have voltage drops due to a failing PSU. Check the 12V lines with a multimeter if you have one, had a PSU one time drop the voltage to around 10.5V on the 12V line wich was of course causing a lot of problems =)

I just saw that your monitor is a Sceptre... They are ok when they work but they WILL have problem maybe you have a 'normal' Sceptre monitor that is starting to fail hehe Also check your DVI cable? if posible try another monitor, if you have the same problem try a VGA monitor. Or try connector #2 on your video card.