View Full Version : Stealth Inkjet Printer Startup Could Rock Industry

Capt. Picard
03-26-07, 07:04 AM

An Australian entrepreneur betting his company on a nanotech-fueled, consumer inkjet printer that can print sixty pages a minute for under $200 has successfully demonstrated the technology.

Whether or not the company will be able to deliver on its promises is the question that plagues any startup. But one leading printer analyst said he's witnessed the demonstration personally, and that he's been briefed on the company's plans to manufacture components and license the technology to interested parties.

Typical inkjet printers, known as "serial printers," use an inkjet nozzle that passes back and forth along a horizontal axis, spraying ink along the surface of the paper. The Memjet technology uses a series of individual MEMS-based inkjet nozzles, fabricated using conventional semiconductor manufacturing techniques. Each chip measures 20 millimeters across and contains 6,400 nozzles, with five color channels, the company said. A separate driver chip calculates 900 million picoliter-sized drops per second. For a standard A4 letter printer, the result is a total of 70,400 nozzles.

70,000 nozzles!!! :eek: Imagine the likelyhood of clogging in printers such as these.

03-26-07, 07:26 AM

70,000 nozzles!!! :eek: Imagine the likelyhood of clogging in printers such as these.
Yeah, and what about handling 60 pages per minute. IMO, this a bit too much to ask for a 200$ printer.

03-26-07, 08:26 AM
Not really if the quality sucks ass...