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03-26-07, 05:30 PM
I am building a High-End Computer for Work & Play for a friend that also relies heavily on AutoCAD (2D). I think he will be running AutoCAD R14/2004 but I’m sure he will upgrading to AutoCAD 2008 / Vista at some point. Autodesk doesn’t have any compatibility information on their Website about the GeForce 8800 series (only a 7900GT).

Are there any known issues with the 8800 Series cards and AutoCAD???

Do I have to tell this guy he needs a Quadro Card (that doesn’t game to save its life) because otherwise his AutoCAD won’t display everything properly?

He is also going to a run a 24” Widescreen LCD, paired with a 19” LCD (or 2).

Any help here would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance ~

03-26-07, 05:55 PM
i've never had any issues with any nvidia cards while using autocad. i suppose they could have some weird bug but not likely. i've run it with as little as a tnt2.

although acad does rely on opengl, but that can be changed. vista runs opengl within d3d as i recall; could be wrong on that though. so other than that i don't know.

03-26-07, 06:25 PM
I read in a magazine a story about someone who bought a new computer with a GeForce 7800 GT (which was new at the time). His primary application was AutoCAD. He lamented the fact that this new machine was much slower than his dated computer which had an older Quadro card. he thought the 7800 GT would give his applications much more speed. he was informed by the editor that the GeForce line of cards are really intended for gaming and not applications like AutoCAD. They are primarily designed to generate high fps in games. Cards like Nvidia's Quadro line are for workstation applications like AutoCAD. Therefore, I would strongly recommend a Quadro card and not a Geforce for your friend.

03-26-07, 07:31 PM
The only difference is the drivers.

03-26-07, 07:56 PM
IIRC when the 8800's first came out I think someone made a post about every time he tried autocad it would crash. Not sure why, or if it was fixed.

03-27-07, 04:31 PM
Found a little more info. on the subject. AutoCAD 2007 & 2008 have issues with none certified video cards but older versions should work just fine as long as your not doing 3D Stuff.

For those that are interested.

AutoCAD Frequently Asked Questions (http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=6711774&linkID=9240618#section3)

I'll post back my findings after I build the system as my friend is willing to test it out since he wants to game on his new rig too.

03-28-07, 03:13 PM
GeForces will run some of the Autocad rendering functions in software. So, yes, a vastly lower-end Quadro could likely destroy an 8800.

There's a review roundup out there on the web where all of the Quadros outperformed a SLI 7800 GTX setup.

03-28-07, 03:40 PM
I'm sure it will run fine. I've never had any problems with nvidia cards and autoCAD. I'm using AutoCAD 2006 BTW. The only problem right now is Vista and AutoCAD....they don't like each other. But I'm sure the next AutoCAD will be Vista compatible.

03-28-07, 05:46 PM
have you turned off UAC and tried running Autocad in administrator mode, don't know if you have to run it in XP compatibility mode but 2008 works fine in Vista for me:D

03-28-07, 05:48 PM
My Brother often gets BSODs with NVDISP4.SYS as the culprit when running Autocad with a MSI 7800GT.

Intel D915PBL + Intel Prescott 3.2 GHz package combo
2x 512 mb Corsair DDR2
MSI 7800GT
Windows XP