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03-18-03, 04:56 PM
I just installed a 9700 pro today and now GTA3 does not work. It worked with my gefroce2. When I run the exe nothing happens. No errors no nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and patched it to ver 1.1 but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.

03-18-03, 05:04 PM
yipes... you went from a gf2 to a radeon? did you format??? going from nvidia to ati without formatting has been known to cause problems.. how about ati drivers??? 3.2 cats??

03-18-03, 05:07 PM
I downloaded the newest drivers from ati.

03-18-03, 05:15 PM
If you're using 98se just goto "C:\My Documents\GTA3 User Files\" and delete the file "gta3.set" . If you're in XP you'll have to use "find files" to locate "gta3.set", but it's still under the 'GTA3 User Files' directory under wherever XP puts it's "My Documents" directory. (I haven't used XP in a long time, I don't like it...sorry.)

Just delete that file and restart GTA3 and you'll have to reset your viddy/sound/control settings...it's your GTA3 settings file. The problem is it doesn't detect viddy card changes/driver updates and the game just hard crashes half the time if you change either your viddy card or your drivers. (It happens to ATI cards too when you change drivers, it's a truly pisspoor port. :( )

Delete "gta3.set", and it's all better. :)

03-18-03, 05:30 PM
Thanks very much I will try that. If it doesn't work I'm blaming you.:D

03-18-03, 05:42 PM
Originally posted by zippermcfrag
Thanks very much I will try that. If it doesn't work I'm blaming you.:D

Fair enough, but I'm pretty good with GTA3 tweaking so I'm not TOO worried. (I was/am totally hooked on GTA3 and have a bad tendancy to change viddy cards around the same way other people change clothes. :rolleyes: )

03-18-03, 06:37 PM
ya i was hooked on gta3 too... pain in the ass game to get running decent though... i would get constant lag

03-18-03, 06:40 PM
Originally posted by jAkUp
ya i was hooked on gta3 too... pain in the ass game to get running decent though... i would get constant lag

I see a 5800 Ultra listed in your rig...is that real? If it is, could you tell me how it runs GTA3? I'm REALLY curious about that. (I know the 9500 Pro runs it well, but I've heard nothing about how nVidia's new hardware runs it.)

03-18-03, 08:22 PM
yea its real... as for gta3 though... i havent tested it enough to really see how fast or slow it goes... i only tried it once at 1600x1200 all options maxed... and it seemed a little sluggish... which really sucks... ill try it some more tonight

03-18-03, 08:30 PM
ok, just ran it through... after editing some of the graphics like the blurring and vsync, frame limiter, i was able to get better results...

at 1600x1200 32bit color draw distance maxed, using fraps the frame rate stayed right at 30... occasionally it would dip to 27 or 28... but it always stayed right there... without frame limiter, the fps went from about 40-60fps... but for some reason, it seemed MORE sluggish... i dunno why..
ok when it stayed locked in at 30fps, it seemed ok, but every once and a while it got a slight hiccup... its pretty annoying. i have the latest patch, and all the audio files copied to the hd. thats the same problem i had with my geforce2mx... those hiccups... arrrg... ps2 conversions...:rolleyes:

03-18-03, 08:39 PM
I actually had that kinda hiccup problem with my P4 system. It was a dell *bleh* funny thing, though. I switched the motherboard from the standard dell board to a PC Partner cheapo generic board and all the little problems went away... go figure.

03-18-03, 09:17 PM
I would get the hiccup problem on my NVIDIA cards if I had both vsync and the frame limiter off. Turning on the frame limiter would always bring things back into line.

But you're right when you say this was a poor port. In spite of that, it was still fun.

03-19-03, 03:20 AM
Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Delete "gta3.set", and it's all better. :)

It worked. Thank you very much sir.

03-19-03, 07:47 AM
It drove me nuts the first couple of times I changed drivers and had it happen too, I kept just re-installing it. :rolleyes: Fortunately someone turned me on to this trick and it made life a LOT simpler for me. :)

Thanks for the FX benchies with GTA3, interesting to say the least. :) I got one more card to test GTA3 on and then I think my curiousity will be all satisfied. (I'm getting a V5 5500, I wanna see how/if it can play GTA3... ;) )

03-19-03, 07:18 PM
Ok, I have a question then...

I went from a V5 to a GF4 (at the time, I didn't format.), I went ahead and played some of my games for a short time, and when I played GTA3, I just got the little box saying, "Converting textures to optimal format", and away it went.

So is this more of a nV to ATi thing? Or like a corruption of the file?