View Full Version : Just got an HD set... what rez should I expect?

03-29-07, 07:47 AM
I just got a Toshiba 26" widescreen direct view... model 26HF84.

So now it's time to build my HTPC.

Apparently, this tv supports 540P, and upconverts everything else to 1080i.

So, when i finally hook my system up to this TV, what resolution should I expect to run at?

I really wouldn't mind something around 1366x768, but, i think that's the 720P resolution... i'm a little confused.

I'd like the video signal out to the tv to be as high of a resolution as possible...

Anyone know anything about this? I'm a bit baffled. oh, btw this tv has HDMI and standard HDTV RCA-in's.


03-29-07, 08:48 AM
FWIW, I didn't but the tv to view HD broadcast content, I bought it to use as a monitor in my living room, for both regular windows usage (with large icons etc) and for some light gaming.