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03-18-03, 05:22 PM
i have installed a coolmaster hhc-001 with a layer of thermal paste. when i go into the mobo and check the temp it says 178degrees for the cpu. is this correct??? how could that be?

03-19-03, 12:05 PM
First off, that's got to be reading in degrees Fahrenheit, right?

Doing a rough conversion (don't have the formula for F-C here, so I might have the wrong numbers), that's around 81C. Which is still VERY high, roughly 2X what you should be getting, though the exact amount depends on which processor you've got on that motherboard (Palimino, Thoroughbred, TBred-B, Barton, etc.).

There are many people that report the Asus temperatures to be off, but how far and in what direction varies from report to report, and bios version to bios version. What I can tell you is that my A7N8X Deluxe is currently showing ~34C idle and 38 or 39C full-load (new case, temps higher than in my old full tower by 3 to 4C, hopefully somewhat improved when I install my new power supply, since the old one has a single fan, and the internal vents are facing the front of the case, while the new one has two fans, with the internal fan/vent facing the CPU..).

I'm not going to tell you that the temperature you're reporting is wrong, but for it to be even posting at that temperature is a bit amazing, so it's at least suspect. I know that most AMD CPUs I've owned so far seem to have become flakey by the time they got to ~60C, with failures to boot into windows, random reboots, lockups, etc.

Good luck figuring this out.

03-19-03, 01:13 PM

At that temperature, you'd probably be smelling something burning. Many motherboards will autoshutdown or have the option to at over 70C. I think many motherboards need a bios update to read temps more accurately though, which I think this is possibly the case.

I'm at 40C on mine using the A7N8X deluxe 1002 bios.

Btw, there's a nice little (1.53 KB) program that does tons of conversions. It's called "convert". It's freeware.

The readme;

For the latest information regarding Convert, go to

If you find Convert useful, send me an email at josh@joshmadison.com
letting me know what country you're from, and what you're using
it for.

Convert is Freeware (even for commercial use), and as such,
you should not have been charged to obtain this software.
You may redistribute Convert as long as it is not modified
in any way. Convert is provided "as is" and I can not be
responsible for any damage that may occur by using this
software. This includes the information contained in it.

03-25-03, 02:59 PM
sounds like a screwed up diode. Like it was said previously, it you were running at that temp even in fahrenheit, you'd be burning something. Any instability during games or the like?

03-25-03, 08:16 PM
the problem was i put the coolmaster hhc001 heaksink fan on and cliped it in backwards. the raised bottom of the heatsink didnt fit with the raised part on the motherboard. its running at about 50degrees c full load at 2.31ghz
and its at about 38degrees at xp2700 internet use