View Full Version : is the 7900 gt good enough

03-29-07, 06:35 PM
I recently decided to connect my pc straight to the tv because I got tired of streaming media files to the 360. So is the 7900 gt enough to crank out games at the resolution supported by my tv which is 1360 x 768. I want to try out C&C TW and Supreme Commander at that resolution and see if the extra screen estate helps in these games.

03-29-07, 07:04 PM
yes...i would hope so :P

03-29-07, 07:43 PM
I would think so.

03-29-07, 08:58 PM
C&C:TW is CPU oriented as MOST god !@$@ rts games are :)

03-30-07, 12:05 AM
At that resolution, the 7900 GT should be just fine.