View Full Version : Something funny about Zalman 9700 cooler

03-31-07, 10:03 AM
I installed it a couple days ago, and my temperature would idle at 41C. Not really impressed, load 53C. I left computer on over night and, so temperature dropped, and computer idled at 36C. After a couple of days CPU idles at 32C and load is 46C...holy ****. :D. I used Zalman thermal paste i got with cooler, and it looks it starts kicking in. It looks like 32C idle and 46C load is what's gonna be. For two days now it sits on those temperatures.

03-31-07, 02:02 PM
That's cool.

03-31-07, 04:12 PM
Nice... the same happened with me... but I used AC5 which I knew would do that. Surprised that your temps are so low with the thermal grease it came with. Good to know for the future :)