View Full Version : WD Premium MyBook 400GB in Vista 32bit Firewire

03-31-07, 05:17 PM

2 Vista issues guys...


I am currently using a 400GB WD MyBook connected via firewire.
I have been using this for a while now in xp with no problems, but recently I upgraded to vista ultimate and started getting bluescreens. I followed the windows 'check for solutions online' and it let me to a known issue with firewire, click to download the fix. After finding this out I unplugged my mybook and ran my system for a week, no blue screens, then the day I plugged it in the bluescreens are back... so I downloaded the update, but it said I already had it, so what do I do? I now know its my mybook, and MS acknowledge a firewire issue, but I have the fix? but still the issue!
Has anyone else experienced similar problems with their firewire mybook in vista (ps connecting via USB remedies this issue, but I would just like to know my firewire works)


I received the following error in a blue screen at least once a week...
I read up on this and found many issue re graphics drivers.. I have an 8800GTX with the latest drivers.. however I did notice that my 8800, Creative Xfi and Ethernet controller all share the same IRQ 18... could this be an issue?

Thank you in advance for your help,