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03-19-03, 12:47 AM
For some reason i became obsessed with getting a Pocket PC, but i also have a problem with buying things that i have no use for : O

I found one that will connect wirelessly to the internet but i still cant see if it will do anything for me, other than look cool!

Dose anyone that has one ever used it to take notes in school or is it not praticle for that?

Meanwhile, id almost buy it for the fact i could check my email anyware in my house... heh is there AIM or something like that?

03-20-03, 10:25 AM
I recently purchased an iPAQ 3150, PPC 2002, CF 802.11b card, serial cradle, and CF adapter. Came out to about $160, which ain't cheap, but ain't as bad as an iPAQ 3650 either.

I will be very honest: PocketPC 2002 just doesn't impress me. I don't want to say "it sucks" - it's better than PalmOS, and the handwriting recognition feels very natural. But the user interface just doesn't impress me - it feels like it could have been so much better.

I have a wireless card for it (Ambicom WL1100C). It works pretty nicely, but there's no avoiding the simple fact that it's easier to IM and email people with a keyboard than a handwriting recognition field. For web-surfing, it works alright, except that most sites are painful to read because they're optimized for screens that are more than twice as large.

I am looking forward to the Linux distribution for it finally stabilizing a little more and acquiring synchronization support so I can get rid of PPC2002. I know this is not a viable option for everyone, but I'd encourage people to look into it in the future.


03-20-03, 03:00 PM
it's only practical in the work place in my opinion, unless you wanna carry it everywhere as your telephone book/organizer

this is the best deal going in my opinion

03-20-03, 03:07 PM
I just got a deal on a 802.11b router (19.99$ at best buy) so i have a wireless netowrk now.

Can you write fast on these pocket PC's to take notes?

And what recognises better Pocket PC or Palm?

03-20-03, 05:55 PM
I carry mine with me everywhere I go. My number one use for it is to track my spending. I used to have a bad habit of spending lots of cash and not knowing where it went. Now every time I buy anything it goes straight into pocket Money.

I also use to it listen to MP3's and watch TV shows I've capture on my computer and transferred to it. There is nothing like sitting around at a coffee shop watching a little "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" while waiting for your friends to show up.

As for writing fast. It works fine to taking little notes. But if you want to transcribe what someone is saying in real time, buy an external keyboard for it.

03-20-03, 06:12 PM
Hm, if there was just a way i could test it out before i bought it : \