View Full Version : Web site Certificate and Vista question

04-03-07, 12:25 AM
For my work, in order for me to access their network from home through the internet i have to download a certificate for my computer. With Xp i have had no problem. Today i thought i would try on my vista system.

To get the certificate i have to enter some personal information and then it gets to a point where it says "Downloading ActiveX control...." on the center of my screen and it just stays at that point.

The message on the screen just stays there and i cannot continue....

I called the tech people at work and they said that it's because of Vista that i can't get the certificate. I wonder if someone here knows what part of vista may be blocking the ActiveX control from downloading.

Here is a link to what the message on the screen looks like.

I'm also using norton 360 but i disabled it's browser helpers and the problem persists. So either i can't get the activex control from work or vista is blocking it from running. But i don't know where to look in vista to let it run except in the securing settings in the browser and i played with them without any luck.

Any ideas?