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04-03-07, 04:29 PM
I have a new build computer with all new parts. I built it on December 28 2006 and only had it working for 2 weeks before I started experiencing problems.
ANTEC SOLO Case (185)
ASUS P5N32 SLI-SE deluxe Motherboard, Bios 603 11/16/2006
Core 2 Duo 6400 LGA 775, 2.13 GHz, thermaltake blue orb II CPU fan
Corsair, Twin 2X 1024-6400c4 DDR SD RAM, 800 MHz at 4-4-4-12
Seasonic SS 600hm Active PFC F3 (600 Watt)
ATI-Radeon X1950 PRO 256MHz, driver:
Western Digital WD5000KS-00MNB0 SATA Hard drive (500 Gig)
Generic Multicard reader 10 Slot reader
Lite-On CD ROM LTN-52S1S. SATA connection
Lite-On DVD RW SHM 165H6S with lightscribe. IDE connection
LG 20” LCD monitor
Windows XP Home

Here we go…
When my system is up and running it works great except when I want to load a CD program. When I insert the CD into either drive it starts to spin then the pointer on the screen goes to hourglass for a split second then the CD spins down and the entire computer is locked up frozen tight. The only way to fix it is to hit reset or main power switch. If I leave the disk in the drive, upon restart of the computer I can access it and load from it. This would be a fine workaround for the issue but I have programs that require multiple disk swaps and it freezes the system when the next disk is requested and inserted.
The IDE CD ROM Drive is set to master by jumpers. the sata drive has no MS SL or CS jumpers.

Things I’ve Tried…
I have disconnected both CD ROMs and hooked one up at a time. It still locks up the computer. I replaced the IDE cable and the SATA cable and this didn't help.
Updated ALL drivers from all vendors (no effect)
Updated all Windows patches (no effect)
Repaired Windows installation, reloaded all drivers as above (no effect)
Quick-format of C:\ Partition re-loaded Windows XP Home and all Drivers (no effect)
Low level format of C:\ partition Re-loaded windows XP hone and all drivers (no effect)

Suspected problems and actions:
I thought I cracked the MB when installing the stock CPU fan so I sent the board back and got a replacement from ASUS. (no effect)
I thought that the damage might have been to the CPU so I sent it back to Intel and they sent me a Brand new CPU. (no effect)

As a side note my Audio on the MB is only providing sound through the right channel speaker. May not have anything to do with this problem but thought I should let you know everything.

HELP me before I teach this computer the law of gravity!!!!:headexplode:

04-06-07, 11:15 PM
OH, happy Days!!! The issue is now DEAD!!! I played around with the bios for a while changing the POI and DMA settings and got it to work! but for only 3 disk swapps:mad:

But durring this Tshooting I thought that I might have gotten an error durring my DL of my Flashed BIOS. Possable.... so I checked with ASUS and found an UPDATE for my MB. (It came out 2 days ago) I DLed it and flashed it. THe system responded the frist time!!! All disk formats now work. I did a multi- disk load with no lock-ups. The problem was most likely the Downloaded BIOS . I may have gotten some noise durring the DL that might have corrupted the prog. If I was a true Electronics Tech... Hummm I should try and reload the old Bios and see if the problem returns.... Hummmm should I? maybe lateron but for now I think I will enjoy my rig for a while.

I'm responding to my own thread because I want anyone who has simillar problems to have the answers I found.

good luck to everyone