View Full Version : Could be me but latest xp update broken programs.

04-03-07, 06:11 PM
I haven't had any problems at all until now after installing one of M$ latest patches. It seems various applications are shot. AVG doesn't start anymore as do various other things that load up at startup. Is anyone else having such problems after bootup?

This is apparently what M$ fixed http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=925902

Says to contact application maker... Pfff.

Update. If you install the top update from MS you will likely F up lots of apps on your machine, like AVG and Logitech Setpoint for example. They will not work after you install the top patch. I backed it out and although I saw a solution for onboard audio the fix didn't do anything to fix AVG or Setpoint.

I fixed this problem backing out the patch, removed most of my drivers(minus creative labs audio), re-installed AV and then re-installed my drivers. Fingers crossed, but things are working.