View Full Version : WTB AGP mobo etc... (ragejg)

04-04-07, 09:04 AM
I'm gonna let my socket A system limp to the living room, after I shove an AIW X800XT in it... but soon after I'd sure like a lot more cpu power. Not X2 power YET, just a little more so I just MIGHT be able to Play COD2 and enjoy it.

I'd like socket 754 or 939 cpu, anything from the lowest speed 754 sempron to um, idk, a 3500+ A64

As far as the mobo goes, I need agp.

No DDR2 for me, and 4 DDR slots would be a big FTW.

ALSO: Need a cordless setup for the living room. I only have a 26" HD set and a small living room, so i don't need perfect resolution, and I'm open to anyhitn outside MS/Razor/Logitech if it works good.

Guys, lemme know if you have anything like this.

heatware: ragejg ... 22-1-0

04-04-07, 11:03 AM
AFAIK WTB thread are not allowed here.

04-04-07, 11:39 AM
AFAIK WTB thread are not allowed here.
You are correct.