View Full Version : Wi-fi woes

04-05-07, 04:51 PM
If there are any wi-fi networking gurus around here, I have this problem I just cannot get my head around so maybe you guys could help me:

My desktop PC is connected to a cable modem through its NIC via ethernet cable. This internet connection is fully functional.

So I buy a MSI wifi client adapter (PCI card) for the desktop and try to connect my wifi notebook with the PC.

Both NICs make a perfect wifi connection whether in adhoc-adhoc or softwareAP-station mode. Signal strenght is reported at -27dBm and although noise level is very high (-47dBm and no idea where that's coming from as there are no active RF devices around AFAIK) the connection is fully functional except I can't for the life of me ping the other machine when in adhoc-adhoc. I can only do it in softwareAP-station mode.

Any ideas why this is happening? Is it because the high noise level? What to do about the noise? Thanks a lot!