View Full Version : Help with GTS XFX 8800 and MOHAA series

04-05-07, 06:13 PM
There are so many posts and I've read many, but I tried Nhancer 2.1.1 and although all MOH games worked, my ping was very high and the game played slow.

Can someone e-mail me how to adjust the games in Nhancer and what version I should use. My system specs are here, but I definitely don't want to mess up how my other games play (GRAW and BF2).

I would appreciate any assistance, but if needed I can supply my e-mail. Although MOH is old, it's still a great game to play!!

04-06-07, 10:27 AM
I got the games running, but they run slow and my ping sky rockets to over 400.

can someone please advise me what I can do to fix this? I would greatly appreciate it..

Mr Bigman
04-06-07, 12:55 PM
This game is broken after a driver release last year. no matter what ard you have, it don't matter.

04-06-07, 01:00 PM
Damn, thanks for the info man!!