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04-06-07, 02:59 PM
I was looking around at the different coolers, and I got a pretty nice PSU. I don't have the money to replace it, but the problem is unfortunately the PSU has modular wires as you'd call them. Meaning you can plug them into the PSU as needed. However about 3 of the wires are built in, this includes the 4PIN CPU plug. It just barely reaches infact I had to stretch it to get it to reach to the top of the PSU. Its an OCZ PSU and I was looking but was unsuccessful at finding perhaps an adapter of some sort to extend it. I mean even if I could just come off the molex connector I have one of those available.

The COOLER I planned to get was the nvidia 9700NT. I was going to order it today however I seen a user with the same cooler and he has no room where that wire is at now because of that huge heatsink.

Is there such a wire? I really do not have the money at all to blow on a new PSU when this works fine.

04-06-07, 03:14 PM

that should work.

04-07-07, 05:58 PM
Thanks ordered one, but thats the last time I order from Tigerdirect. They are taken peoples money the item shipped weighs 0.80lb and they charged me 8 bucks for standard chipping. The product was 4.99. I called UPS and asked them if I were to send an item to tigerdirect how much it'd be, he asked how much the item would weigh, and what plan I wanted. I told him he told me the price would be around 4.99 for standard shipping the same of which tigerdirect offers at 8 bucks.

So about 4 dollars goes to tigerdirect I suppose. Sticking to newegg to bad they didn't have this cable.

04-07-07, 06:14 PM
Sry about that buddy.

I was just linking to the most suitable option I found :)

Hope it works for you when it gets there.

04-08-07, 03:24 AM
Yeah it ain't your fault man.. I looked everywhere before going with them. I had to though. The important thing is you found it, and I got it... :)