View Full Version : what f-key to select sata drive to boot from

04-07-07, 11:05 AM
OK, I was hoping to hold off on installing Vista a little bit longer but I've been given access to the Microsoft Games for windows- Live beta that requires Vista.

Not a big deal, as I have a fresh copy of Vista just waiting to be opened. I've installed this on an extra SATA drive because I know there is a way to select what drive you wish to boot from, when you start your PC. (without going into your bois)

However I have forgotten what key to press during bootup and for the life of me can not find my MB manual. I thought it was F11 but that does not seem to work.

I have an EVGA 680i board, any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.

04-07-07, 12:11 PM
found my answer,

press esc key then if you're like me and have more then one hard drive, select the hard drive then press the + key to bring up a list of hard drives to boot from.