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04-07-07, 02:15 PM
1. I was wondering if Krauser in RE4 reminded anyone besides me of Rolento from Final Fight? Both games are made by one of the very best damn developers in the world (Capcom), and they seem so damn similar.

2. anyways, we all know how RE4 changed many times during it's development.

Does anyone think Capcom should release a RE collection that contains RE 1.5 (as much as was finished) and the scrapped RE4's (alphas/betas of them)? There was one incarnation, that to me, looked better than any other game ever made, and I had no idea how the Gamecube could handle it. I don't think another game will ever be made that looked that cool.

I wish companies would release alphas and betas to the public after the final product came out, of course.

04-07-07, 02:40 PM
The original RE4 used prerendered backdrops which is why it looked so good. My friend actually has a copy of the Demo for Resident Evil 1.5 which released in Japan back in 1996 (I think it was then). I have a beta of Resident Evil 2 after they reworked it, it has some new levels and missing textures... not worth the trouble I went through to get it.

04-07-07, 03:23 PM
I had a suspicion they were pre rendered. I thought the RE1 remake looked better to me than the final realtime RE4, and that's definately why I thought it looked better. I loved the water in the shark area and also the graveyard where that fire thing is churning or whatever the hell the right word is.

They may have gone to real time not b/c of the image, but probably b/c they'd have to have kept the same control scheme that so many hated.