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04-07-07, 08:01 PM
This could also go in the pc only gaming thread.]]

Anyways, I wanted some opinions on how much people care about playing the best version of the same game.

Some people don't care, but a lot of people (myself included) only like to play the best version.

I generally only play the PC versions b/c they're usually the best.
Enter the Matrix DVD-ROM version ran perfectly out of the box. The console versions were stuck being ****ed-up. Not only were the graphics superior on the PC DVD-ROM version, it was also actually 100% stable.

Of course there are exceptions though, the PS2 and PC versions of RE4 are no fun compared to the GC one.

However, PC version/ports can be improved in the future by using more up to date requirements, and patches made whenever necessary. And also not having the ****ing FMV/CG movies compressed.

04-07-07, 08:11 PM
A good game is going to be good regardless of the platform.

For example, Oblivion is good on PC, PS3, and the 360. You could argue the case that it is superior on one over the other, but you're going to have fun regardless of the platform you choose.

04-07-07, 09:24 PM
A good game is going to be good regardless of the platform.

I reckon that's slightly arguable, but not because of the platform - because of platform priority during development. The bugs and atrocious performance in Splinter Cell: Double Agent killed the game for me on PC, but I understand it was pretty solid on the 360. In that regards, I would always rather play the bug free/stable game, than a port which, basically, is not bug free or stable.

04-07-07, 09:58 PM
I beat RE4 on PS2 and it was a very enjoyable game, not sure what you talking about. And Enter the Matrix sucked on all platforms.

I do however agree that some games are much better suited to some platforms. For example, if you try playing Test Drive Unlimited on PS2 it won't be anything like the 360 game, or for example Most Wanted on anything but PC/360, or for example how Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is only good on Xbox and PC, the PS2/GC game has craptastic graphics (no shader gfx).

04-07-07, 10:34 PM
There is one game that truly sticks out in my mind.

Need For Speed Carbon.

I have the Xbox (not 360) and PC version.

There are major differences between the 2.

-PC has superior graphics and shaders. No question about it.
-The PC version has a few added tracks and races that aren't present in the Xbox version.
-The PC version also allows up to 7 AI players versus 3 on the Xbox, and in the "Race wars" only found on the PC version, there are 12 racers (including you).
-The PC version has 4 more cars that can be unlocked.
-When racing and running from cops, there is no traffic on the Xbox, whereas there is traffic on the PC version.

Now take those points as you will, but in terms of gameplay, the PC wins hands down. It all depends on what platform the game is originally developed on. Whatever the native platform is is usually the best by far, and the rest are just knock-offs. Most of the knockoffs have revisions which make them less fun.

04-07-07, 10:49 PM
I was under the impression that the PS2 version of RE4 was superior to the GC version.

It actually depends on whether or not you prefer the extra chapter or the superior graphics. I prefer the superior graphics, so that's why I vastly prefer the GC version.

04-07-07, 11:11 PM
Hmm, that's an interesting question which' subject has played a significant role in my gaming.

For example ; recent Splinter Cell DA. Started playing it on my PC. I found out that, compared to the XB360 version :

- pc version polygon budget is actually lower :thumbdwn:

- unlike SC Chaos Theory, no support for my Logitech Dual Action pc gamepad :thumbdwn:

- Lesser framerate :thumbdwn:

Yep, playing the BEST version of a game is pretty important to me. Although, sometimes I like a PS2 version of a game better if it's artdirection is better (read ; more to my 'taste') than it's technically superior brother.

04-08-07, 12:48 AM
It actually depends on whether or not you prefer the extra chapter or the superior graphics. I prefer the superior graphics, so that's why I vastly prefer the GC version.
They're not that superior. They're maybe a bit better.

It certainly doesn't compare to some other games where the graphics are good on one platform and they absolutely stink on other platforms.


NFS Most Wanted - good on 360 and PC, **** on xbox/ps2/gc
GRAW - good on 360 and PC, **** on xbox/ps2/gc
same for Rainbow Six Vegas

In those cases, you won't catch me playing the old-gen version of the game.

04-08-07, 07:44 AM
Enter the Matrix is stable for me on the PS2 100% of the time, and I played it several times. I bumped into games like those you are reffering to a couple of times before, but they are rare.

RE4 on the ps2 for example had content not available on the GC, so which one is the best version afterall? Would you rather get more content or better graphics/performance (not that the GC version had other league graphics compared)? Its up to you entirly (graphics in this case as you said). BTW, I played only the crippled PC version of RE4...

04-09-07, 11:40 AM
RE4 for GC has higher resolution textures, more polygons on models, more detailed, better lightings, shader, and few more. PS2 look cripped and low res.

There's screenshots that compares both version and it clearly showed that GC version is superior. Extras on PS2 isn't that great, so you can live without them. Doesn't matter since Wii edition of RE4 is announced. :)

04-09-07, 12:22 PM
It actually depends on whether or not you prefer the extra chapter or the superior graphics. I prefer the superior graphics, so that's why I vastly prefer the GC version.

Well said mate I love the GC version of RE4 but it just plain sucks on the PC!

If the fuc.. cant port it corect then dont port it at all, and they could have thrown in some shaders to but not..the Pc version is a sad joke!

RE4 is worth getting a GC for and I cant wait for the new versions for the wii :D

04-09-07, 12:57 PM
I often base my decisions on the control scheme. If the gametype will play better with a controller, I go with the 360, if it's going to be better with the mouse & keyboard I go the PC route.

04-10-07, 07:57 AM
To me it is highly important to play a game's best version, however sometimes decisions are too hard so I go with "what's feels best".

- Halo, PC version has better graphics and more features, however it got much lower ratings and it isn't as nearly successful in the number of players and multiplayer departments as the XBOX counterpart.
- San Andreas, probably one of my hardest decisions concerning what version is the best (same with GTA III and Vice City, but eventually I went with the XBOX double pack) PC version has the best graphics, and you can install tons of mods to it, including multiplayer, or making your own tracklist. Again it got lower ratings and the PS2 is considered the best.
- Red Faction I and II, PC versions are superior in multiplayer and graphics, and controlling with a mouse and keyboard is much easier, but the PS2 versions received much higher ratings and enthusiasm.

Concerning control scheme, many PC games allow you to connect a gamepad as well. And on PC, almost every game accept AF and AA through a 3rd party app, giving better-looking result - despite of these, from my experience, often a specific console version is the best (sometimes there are notable differences between the various console versions as well). I guess you should go with your feeling.