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04-08-07, 06:43 AM
What is he best way of applying this. I have been just putting a small line between the CPU, and allowing the HSF to do the spreading. Is it better to apply a dot and spread it on with your finger?

Just curious looking to push this thing up to 3.4-3.6GHz with my new CPU cooler when it arrives. Want to only go through this one... I've taken this cooler off more then once and it becomes annoying having to reapply.

Idle temps are around 45c if I open the window and allow the room to get cold it drops to 39c. The silly Intel fan spins at 1700 RPM I am sure if I could max it out some how it'd be better off but I just plan to put this cooler on and use some AS5. I ended up having to go with the Arctic Freezer 7 due to Newegg declining my credit 3 times in a row, even though I have a little over 1200 dollars on it left. So I had to choose a different site and order that rather then cooler I had intended on getting.

So any tips on applying this stuff would be helpful. I've heard so many different ways to apply it. Would like to go with the best possible way so it runs as cool as possible.

I have one more question - I've heard that installing the Arctic Freezer 7 is pretty simple but which way should the fan that is located on the side face? Towards the chassis, or towards the front of the case. The back fan pulls air out and I have two fans pulling air in, through the front. I also have a huge 200mm fan at the top pulling air out. I am pretty sure the instruction file I looked at the pdf off their site says to put it facing towards the front or at least it looks like that. If anyone has one of these would be helpful.

04-08-07, 07:22 AM
It depends on the CPU, whether it's Intel / AMD, quad, dual core, single core, etc.

The following link should be helpful:

the fan on the freezer 7 should face the front the case, i.e, the DIMM slots.

<-- [exhaust fan] << hot air <-- [freezer 7 heatsink tower] <-- [cooler fan] << cool air

Xion X2
04-08-07, 09:28 AM
Yep, Amuro's right. For an E6600, it's better to line up a very thin amount of AS5 directly over the center of the processor and over the two cores. Just follow the guide on the link he gave you to see which way the cores line up.

And you don't need very much. The stuff spreads well.

And yeah, the arctic's fan should be facing the front of the case--heatsink towards the bank exhaust fan. This helps blow hot air off the heatsink and out the exhaust.

04-08-07, 12:15 PM
I just followed the directions for my CPU off the AC5 webpage. I felt pretty nervious seeing a very thin line on my CPU. But sure enough... you rotate that HSF ever so slightly both directions then tighten it down it spreads it out very nice. On the first few days you will not be very impressed. Temps will be low but not much better than anything else. However, a week to about 2 weeks later you will see an amazing drop in temps. My room is pretty damn hot (about 78 degrees) but as you can see in my sig my CPU temps are pretty damn good :D It would probably be even lower with a turniq tower... but I just like the look of my Zalman :p