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04-08-07, 05:41 PM


Looks pretty cool, but once again they are going proprietary with their accessory, and depending on how thick it is, could get in the way of play. Having to pop it in, then out, then in, then out... might get tiresome. Plus the tiny keys...

I hope it's true though!


EDIT: It's been confirmed- link updated

04-08-07, 05:51 PM
Tiresome? Hah. You must never move. Looks neat and I'm guessing $49 by MS standards.

04-08-07, 06:31 PM
A mock up of this was shown waaaaaaaaaaaaay back, in Spain. I guess this means no kb support for 360 anytime soon?

04-08-07, 06:38 PM
I think a 3rd party made something like this for the PS2 back in the day when EQOA released for it.

04-08-07, 07:10 PM
could be useful in a home theatre. my pc is 2 steps away from my 360 though.

04-08-07, 07:36 PM
this is a good idea. i hate typin with the onscreen keyboard when i send a text message :|

04-08-07, 10:45 PM
The keyboard is no smaller than on a blackberry, however that is simply a mockup.

04-08-07, 10:49 PM
Hope they have one for the PS3 as well. heck this would be good for a PC. Nice find!!!

Get yourself a bluetooth keyboard and your problem is solved for the PS3...

04-08-07, 10:59 PM
Get yourself a bluetooth keyboard and your problem is solved for the PS3...
Except no bluetooth keyboards are that size...

The part I like about this keyboard is it's attached and small. I play Xbox at my desk so my keyboard is already in front of me. But when I finally buy a TV, and want to play on my couch, it would be annoying to have to keep a full size keyboard and mouse on the couch with me. With this you could just keep it on the table or anything else without taking up much room. Kinda nice

All I want now is a web browser. I hate having to go back and forth between Xbox and PC when I want to surf the net. Hopefully they didn't release this thing ONLY with chatting in mind, but also browsing

Probably be too much to ask for Opera for that browsing, eh? :p


04-08-07, 11:22 PM
I don't think I would find that comfortable to hold honestly... A wireless keyboard would be so much easier... I just have my thrown to the side and only use it when I must... most of the time I just use my headset and talk.

04-08-07, 11:49 PM
I am used to holding something really small ;)
Isn't... isn't an insult usually supposed to call the OTHER person small? :clap2:

The forums have become so civil now


04-09-07, 12:34 AM
Well MS confirmed it, it's now official.

04-09-07, 12:39 AM
Well MS confirmed it, it's now official.
Yup. Nice to hear it will be backlit

I hate how MS just "confirms" it rather than announcing release date or price. Both of those would be rather nice


04-09-07, 01:05 AM
Yup. Nice to hear it will be backlit

I hate how MS just "confirms" it rather than announcing release date or price. Both of those would be rather nice

I'm sure they weren't ready to announce it but were forced to due to the leak.

04-09-07, 04:33 AM
I'll definately be picking one of these up.... saves having a full size keyboard hanging around the living room untidying the place or getting stepped on.

04-09-07, 08:54 AM
Ill be picking this one up also!
gj MS :D

04-09-07, 12:29 PM
I'll buy one when I pick up one of those wireless adapters for my pc. This is going to be great! :D

04-09-07, 05:25 PM
Hands on pictures:



04-09-07, 05:27 PM
Wonder how much weight it adds to the controller?

04-09-07, 05:28 PM
If you could get this thing to work on the PC I would buy one in two seconds. That would be the best gaming controller for the PC ever invented.

04-09-07, 05:33 PM
that add-on KB looks nice and all but MS decided to change the headset interface so that means that they will include a NEW headset with the KB package. KB + Headset = more than I'm willing to spend. This looks like just another opportunity for MS to hose us with expensive peripherals.

04-09-07, 08:52 PM
A couple pics of it in hand and in the dark. It looks nice and If under $30 I will get one.


04-09-07, 09:16 PM
My bet would be up around 50 at least

Like ENU291 said, they are going to include a new headset with it too. A headset alone is, get this, 20 bucks. So take whatever you'd expect Microsoft to reasonably charge for it, add 10 dollars, then 20 more for the headset

59.99 is what I expect


04-09-07, 09:21 PM
Nice, I'm buying it. :) Doesn't it remind you a bit of Dreamcast or Jaguar controller? :p

04-09-07, 11:16 PM
I use a wireless headset anyways, so surely I shouldn't have to buy another damn one.