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04-10-07, 10:25 AM
I have two HDD's in my system. A 10k RPM 150 gig Raptor (OS and progs), and a 7200 RPM 300 gig Maxtor (storage). When I run HD Tach on the Raptor I get a burst speed of 135 mb/sec. When I run it on the 300 gig Maxtor I get a burst speed of 220 mb/sec. I assume this is because the Maxtor drive is SATA II.

How important are these burst speeds in terms of performance? Even though the Raptor has a slower burst speed, it definitely performs better.

04-10-07, 12:20 PM
My HDD is seriously ****ed up! I got a burst speed of 3,1mb/s on my 320GB sata2 Seagate hdd(This was with HD TACH, so thanks for ruining my day :D)!! :D I tried HDD speed test as well and got an average speed of 1,4Mb/s write and 2,5Mb/s read.

Wtf is wrong here? Is my HDD running in PIO mode or what?

EDIT: Hahahaha my Kingston 2GB DataTraveler stick was faster than my HD. :D

EDIT2: Yep, it was running in PIO mode... now it's working as it should! :)

My burst speed went straight from 3,1Mb/s to 135Mb/s, and you can definitely feel the difference! :)