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04-10-07, 11:44 PM
Nice read :D Check it out:


04-11-07, 12:01 AM
Thanks for the link.

Interesting style graphics. Hope they add bots at some point so I can check it out.

04-11-07, 10:44 PM
Yeah, real nice they delayed the PC version this long cause of console porting.:thumbdwn:

04-11-07, 10:44 PM
Delete duplicate post. Hate when it does that. How do I delete a post?

04-11-07, 11:36 PM
Sounds great, ill be picking this up for PC and 360!!!

Single Player
04-11-07, 11:51 PM
:afraid: :thumbsup: :super: :captnkill: (nana2) :D :afraid: Ahhgg. thaaa,,g adh AAwwSOME GAME!!!!!

04-12-07, 09:09 AM
I hope they don't dumb the game down anymore.

Scout wasn't fun in TFC???, say's who???

Medic can't conc jump, that was the fun of being the mdeic, and were easily countered.

Sounds like they are actually slowing the game down from the great craziness TFC was.

I actually wish they hadn't ported the game, the twitch factor just won't be done right. Leave the consoles on thier own servers and the PC's on their own servers, I hate the way 'hitbox' is done on consoles.

Still play TFC, though STALKER is all I play right now, but once done a couple of hours of TFC per week will be back.

I'll be buying TF2, Valve has done no wrong in my eyes, always great PC games!