View Full Version : Anyone know about new Nforce Drivers

03-20-03, 05:43 AM
Anyone know about new Nforce Drivers (just to repeat)

03-20-03, 08:34 AM
The usual answer, "when they're done." ;)

That said, I did see over on nForcersHQ that Nvidia has a set of drivers that they're testing now (supposedly to fix the infamous "crackling" problem).


03-20-03, 09:21 AM
I'm not in-patient i was merely curious about wether nVidia had another in the pipeline :) they can take thier time testing, afterall this ensures quality :)

ah yes the crackling bug, only get that in Freelancer. The things i'm wondering about are wether they fixed the BSOD on the APU drivers and the spulttering when u load the control panel, u never know :)

03-21-03, 10:50 AM
NV has a set of drivers they're testing now that fixes the 'crackling' thingy, ASIO problems, has a new IDE driver I think, and probably plenty of things I don't know about.

....mmm drivers