View Full Version : Is it safe to download "leaked" drivers?

03-20-03, 09:25 AM
I have T4200 and the last driver update from the big "N" really helped. I'am just curious if these "leaked" drivers offerd anyone a performance boost? Also can they cause any harm?


03-20-03, 09:39 AM
Any leaked drivers should be considered beta software and they may cause problems. But official drivers from NVIDIA (and ATI too for that matter) may have just as many problems themselves. The vast majority of the NVIDIA crowd here has no problem using leaked drivers. And if we have problems, there's almost always another set we can fall back to.

As far as performance, it all depends on your machine. Some people get performance boosts with certain sets, others don't. It's all a matter of trial and error. Fortunately, NVIDIA drivers are easy enough to uninstall where trying out multiple sets is hardly a problem.

03-21-03, 03:04 PM
As with anything you download from the Internet, be sure you are downloading them from a well known and reliable place and also scan them for viruses just to be safe.

That said I don't see the point in using unofficial drivers if the released drivers from Nvidia are working fine.