View Full Version : stacker 830 front audio problem

04-12-07, 08:01 PM
i used to have a p180 and i went to a stacker 830, not sure how i like it so far...
but when i went to record something for spanish, i found out my front panel audio doesn't work. Do these ports just die? or do i need to reinstall drivers, or is there something i am just blatantly missing?

any help would be most appreciated,


04-12-07, 10:07 PM
Maybe the cables at the front I/O bay are disconnected. Happened to one of my USB cables. It's a pain to remove the rear bay cover to try to reconnected cable, so I just use 2 USB ports intead of 4.

04-13-07, 04:52 AM
already checked those.
could the plug be bad?