View Full Version : Overclocking the Inno3D GeForce4 Ti 4200?

03-20-03, 09:59 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has this card and how high they got it to go? I got it to 300/600 and it was getting a little shaky.

Also bigger question. I just bought an Nforce2 board and was wondering if anyone knew how high the AGP bus clock speed could go up with this card? I recently fired an 440MX going to high with AGP bus speed on a KT333 MB.

03-20-03, 10:03 PM
You want your AGP bus speed as close to 66 MHz as possible. Most, if not all nForce2 boards have the option in the BIOS to lock the AGP/PCI speeds at 66/33. This will allow you to maximize the overclock of your CPU without touching other buses.

03-20-03, 10:12 PM
I was looking to OC the AGP bus if possible. I have heard however you really don't get that much of a perfomance boost from it.

If I do however, how much do you think I should go up.?

03-20-03, 10:46 PM
gf4's can't handle too much of a kick-up in AGP speed, but benifit still... Check out benchies of KT333's when they first came out; they were initially pitted against OC'ed kt266a's... The older boards whomped on kt333 somethin fierce.... cuz of the agp speed... If yer the modding type, a volt mod would get you a higher core/mem speed, and I do believe it would help your card withstand higher agp frequencies... Some don't really want their pci peripherals runnin @ 44mhz.

nforce2's have some sort of lock, don't they? ehhh... I wish you could maybe get agp @ 80mhz or so and keep pci between 32 and 37mhz... well, AND kick fsb up to 200 or so... :)

OFF TOPIC: ... sounds like you could get more use out of my tbredB than I could, ya bastard... Forgot to tell you that when you came over after work:).

With that cpu, you could run @ 10.5x200 (would 10.5 be accesible?) probably with good cooling and the right ram (twinmos, geil, crucial premium... etc...)
... oooog!! *jellus of your dual channel*

Back to the vidcard... Google "geforce 4 volt mod" and read up on what you get. You may get info on if actually the mod creates agp freq. headroom; as my statement had some speculation to it...

@ amdforums, check the posts of [OC]_This... he has an abit nforce2 board, and is using that instead of his trusty ol' kt266a (crazy bandwidth-ized) to get his world record gf3 scores (13K!! CRAZY!!)... yeh I know, he holds 3dmark scores in high regard... some say "bleh" to that, but I believe it has its credibility and uses as a measure of a card's perf....

If I was you, I'd lap the hsf down to copper and throw Zalmans on every chip... then volt mod it... Why not? You want stock to mild ti4200-ish perf in this day and age where 9500's are runnin rampant blabberin bout dx9 and AA/AF?

... hey, if you volt mod yers, then you can do mine too. Sounds fair, right? j/k... "we have the technology"

OR, you could sell that card for what you paid for it, kick down $10-$15 and get a well treated 128mb ti4400 from a heavy poster @ a fs/ft forum...

I had to say that simply cuz you gots only 64mb on that card. You wanna play doom3, right?

... enuff of my banter. See you tomorrow. More on this later.