View Full Version : What does Vista Network Diagnose do compared to XP Repair?

04-20-07, 06:36 PM
I know the XP repair does things such as disabling and reenabling the adapter, renews the IP, clears the ARP Cache, clears the DNS Cache, etc. But the Repair feature has been replaced with Diagnose in Vista, so I am wondering if it runs through the same process or what? I tried searching technet and didn't find info on the diagnose feature.

04-20-07, 07:08 PM
I think the theory behind diagnose is that it's supposed to give you more information than "could not repair your network adaptor, contact your network administrator" or whatnot. I've never actually tried it when my connection dies, I already know it's my cable modem and a reboot (of the cable modem) fixes that problem. Next time my modem craps out I'll see what Vista says.

05-04-07, 04:12 PM
Okay here's an update on what Vista told me when my connection died:
As previously stated, I knew that the problem was with the router.
Vista could not connect to the internet so I told it to diagnose the problem. It came up with the following:
[Window Title]
Windows Network Diagnostics
[Main Instruction]
Cannot communicate with Primary DNS Server.
Network diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response.
[Reset the network adapter "Local Area Connection"] [Cancel]
After picking to reset the network adapter (it did so) the problem persisted (as expected).

Although diagnose and repair didn't fix the problem, the network and sharing center did show me where the problem actually was when I opened it. The chart showing the network correctly placed the problem between the router and the internet.