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04-21-07, 07:24 AM
which GPU and drivers, DX9 or DX10, CPU choices and clocking, widescreen hacks or 4:3 are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when purchasing & playing most new pc games.

it seems to me that even 5 years ago that pc gaming was much easier and less confusing with all the choices we have in todays hardware and gaming market..

my question is, "do you think pc gaming has advanced in line with hardware or has the newer choices in hardward, display modes and more made pc gaming more restricing and confusing?"


04-21-07, 07:34 AM
Personally I see it as a matter of common sense.

There's a ton of folks using wide screen these days, so wide screen should be built into every game out of the box.

Games shouldn't be rushed to market until everything functions as advertised, which ties into driver development.

Without starting a gripe session, even Nvidia admitted they dropped the ball on Vista drivers.

Other than that, I rarely have any trouble with games myself, especially when you consider I'm using a new architecture on a new OS with drivers that are no better than beta, but still functioning.

I think once companies get the driver development and other Vista issues sorted things will smooth out some.

I hope. :p

04-21-07, 08:17 AM
Actually I think it has gotten easier. Back in the day of DOS, I had to tweak my autoexec.bat and config.sys just to squeeze out enough conventional memory.

04-21-07, 08:58 AM
It used to be just as confusing even in the old days. Sometimes I would have issues with IRQ address of my sound card, or some other dumb similar thing. Gaming is just as complicated now as it was in the past.

04-21-07, 09:01 AM
Man, I remember trying to get guess what Audio Card drivers to load during installation because all listed were Sound Blaster and if you didn't have one it was nothing but luck to get audio working.

04-21-07, 09:42 AM
Heh, CGA or VGA? Soundblaster, 16bit or software (blips and beeps through case speaker)? Which directory was it installed to? (good old guesswork with DOS. dir was your friend...) Monochrome, 4bit or 8bit color? Combine that with the guesswork of finding out which IRQ controlled what option, gaming was alot of guesswork back in those days. Nowadays it's alot easier, once you get your hardware installed, and drivers for said hardware.

04-21-07, 12:21 PM
lol..i had fun back playing ultima8 on dos...getting the sound to work properly/memory stuff was a pain back then..have to fiddle not just @ 1 place..but all over..

Compared to today..its alot easy to move arround..but there are more problems but nothing that cannot be fixed..thanks to forums like these..its easy to get help or find solutions..back then..it was just your mates..

04-21-07, 01:57 PM
I'd say the focus of what you need to tweak has changed. I honestly don't remember nearly as many problems with older games that I have now, but I wouldn't say I was on the cutting edge back then either. Most games worked great because my sound card was 100% Sb compatible, so you just set it to Address 220/ IRQ 5/ DMA 1 and it worked everytime. There wasn't any need to worry about drivers because everything had to have its own functionality built in. Now everything is built on top of another layer and each device is managed by the system, and your app ties into it. (AKA DirectX)

The biggest thing now is that there are a lot more features than there ever used to be. As you add more things, the more chances you have for problems. On an old game there wasn't a video tab, you couldn't change any graphical settings or even your resolution. Also, there wasn't any hardware acceleration either, everything was done by the CPU. Your game was only designed around one part, so it was basically going to either run or it wasn't going to run.

I wouldn't say that it is more restricting because there are now hundreds of options that you didn't have before. If you had a widescreen monitor, there wasn't a way to support it, you just had to deal. I would say it is more confusing now to get started, but being able to dig into all of the features and tweak the game is a major plus.

04-21-07, 05:35 PM
Man, I remember trying to get guess what Audio Card drivers to load during installation because all listed were Sound Blaster and if you didn't have one it was nothing but luck to get audio working.
I know what you mean. I had a Creative Sound Blaster at one point, and some games just didn't have the PC220 and IRQ 5 and all that, I had to choose between Adlib, Adlib Gold, and a bunch of many other cards to get sound working. Those were the days.

I also remember having a Riva TNT2 and playing like 1 or 2 year older games where they didn't have that as a render (each GFX had its own render, there was PowerVR, Renderition Verite, Glide, and some other ones), i remember trying to get that damn game PowerBoat racing or something and it didnt know my Intel 740 video card.

04-21-07, 05:50 PM
I have been working with pc's since I was a little kid. Thinking back to even then, I dont think things have gotten easier or necessarily harder. Things have gotten different. When I first started playing games on pc's back in 1998 I dont even hardly remember anything concerning drivers and most games were not high tech 3d. They just seemed to work for me.

Move foward to now, we have Windows Vista. Hardware detection is better and automatic in many cases. I didnt even have to try and find printer drivers. Windows update grabbed several drivers for me and I ahd to find the rest. There seem to be more choices on the ways to play my games though. As someone mentioned before we have widescreen and fullscreen, there FSAA and AF. We even have more media choices. Gone are floppy drives, now replaced with CD/DVD/HDDVD/Blueray. Plenty of choices... but I wish some decisions would be finalized so things would be easier...

04-21-07, 05:53 PM
its every easy now compared to few years back

04-21-07, 09:34 PM
Yes, definitely much less complicated than it was years ago, anyone remember having to set up their soundcard?

04-22-07, 11:38 AM
last game i had to do that in was Earth 2140, what a pain that was