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03-21-03, 09:08 PM
is it just me or does this devastation demo really really stink? lag all over the place/maps are not that well done/graphics are not all special// this looks like a game that was made about 5 years ago...with all the new technology of graphics cards features what where these people thinking of when they made this crap? this game needs like a major overhaul and a big patch! im totally disappointed, i thought this looked like a good game ,but after trying to play it...it is crap. looks like ill have to wait for vietcong full version next week and cross this off the list of my "new games to buy"

03-21-03, 10:03 PM
yeah the server i logged into last night everyone was just on making fun of it. the physics engine is retarded, the graphics are craptastic, it looks like we have another diakatana on our hands. ill be passing on this one. i wanna pickup igi2 anyway. i played the demo and it rocked. was like soldier of fortune meets splinter cell (minus the dope lighting)

03-21-03, 10:11 PM
Digitalo is working on a patch which will address most of the technical, gameplay, and audio issues that have been reported in the Devastation MP Demo within the past eighteen hours. It's a little too soon to construct a valid ETA yet, but rest assured that the team is thoroughly committed to this, and will work as fast as they can to resolve as much as possible, as quickly as possible, for all versions of the game, demo and retail.

We appreciate all the feedback, and encourage you to continue posting your issues in the DevastationGame.com forums. Please make sure to be as specific as possible, and provide us with your system specs every time you post a bug.

Thanks again for your support.

First I have not played the demo yet. I'm dling it right now to check it out. It does seem as though there trying to fix the issue present in the current demo.

I have finally played the demo. I hope the real "patch" fixes some of the netcode issues, the interface for selecting characters is not done well. The gameplay makes me feel like I'm pushing a rock up a hill. It's just so forced. I was really hoping for a Red Faction type of turn out. I loved the SP and MP on that game. It just never caught on.


03-21-03, 10:27 PM
well its laggy and slow

But graphics are nice , compared to other current available shooters its pretty good , stuff is high poly rounded good looking
weapons are nice , you can shoot of alot of stuff

other games like SOF , HL , CS , UT are crap compared to this game IMO :rolleyes:

i did not compare UT2 becouse its not same class game its futuristic and all the stuff is big robot like bleh...... same goes for UT2k3 its not good also no realism

if devs can fix lag issues in Devastation its gonna be good game hopefully :p

03-22-03, 05:05 AM
I don't think its that bad. Kind of fun. I was just hoping the maps would be more open than they seem to be.

Mebbe the single player maps will have more details to screw around with. (Like windows to throw things through, as I read in previews)

03-22-03, 12:06 PM
And they fixed performance problems... with small update available at they site , real patch will come out soon also ;)

03-23-03, 07:47 PM
Tried it after reading a huge rant regarding the crappy audio samples, so I went in kinda negative.. But they were absolutely correct, plus the gun recoil is a joke. Kinda looks and sounds like a .22 rimfire pistol..

My main gripe with most FPS games is.. I want to be a certain class each time I spawn, I hate looking for weapons... Tribes got me into that, and I've never changed.. Probably why my favorites are MOHAA and BF1942 (even tho I suck at BF).

03-23-03, 10:46 PM

The majority has spoken. Apparently this was a legitimate enough gripe and we will comply like the good developers we are trying to be. Most of the weapon sounds will be given an overhaul, with more bass, and pitch adjustments. I cannot promise anything but these changes should be in the full patch.

Thanks again for all the feedback and support. Keep it comin!"
-stolen from beyondunreal.com

03-24-03, 02:44 AM
the sounds are only a minor gripe. lemme break down whats so bad about it.

physics. people move and jump like teletubbies on crystal meth. you can run in a room and kick a mop bucket like its a nerf ball. the pace of shooting is way off. nobody even steve austin himself (not the wrestler, the 6 million dollar man) cant fire a pistol that fast accurately. people jump like they are in circue de' soule' or blue man group.

sounds yeah, fire the sound guy. just hire tommy tallarico studios. hell have you new sounds that rock in a week.

and you just went gold..... RECALL THE RELEASE OR YOULL HAVE THE NEXT DAIKATANA ON STORE SHELVES CALLED DEVISTATION. dont let the name end up as an epitaph for your company.