View Full Version : SSAA modes on ATI/nVidia cards ?

04-22-07, 05:53 PM

I would like to know if Super Sampling AA 4x is available on the latest gfx cards like the 8800GTX & x1900 cards (& on the R600 when available).

This is what i know, cause i own these cards atm:

NV40 -> Geforce 6800 Ultra -> Super Samplig AA 4x -> Works / nHancer
G71 -> Geforce 7900 GTX -> Super Sampling AA 4x -> Works / nHancer.
R350 -> 9800 Pro -> Not Available (just MSAA)

Somebody told me that SSAA 4x isn't available on the 8800GTX through nHancer, but, it should be available, cause i think that those 16xQ modes use 2x2 "SS" + 4x MS.

Please post which cards can do SSAA 4x. (8800/x1900/R600 :D ?)

Thank you very much !

04-22-07, 07:06 PM
I'm using nHancer, absolutely awesome program. :D
I have an 8800 GTX and have not seen the "pure" 2xSS and 4xSS work although they are in the AA options. However, the mixed modes 4xS, 8xS, 16xS, and 32xS all work.
I play Oblivion in 16xS mode, the 2x2SS cleans up texture shimmering nicely and the 4xMS provides good edge AA quality.
I love all the AA and image quality options on this thing, there are tons of different possibilities.


04-22-07, 08:51 PM

I've been reading nHancer descriptions, & seems like SSAA isn't officially supported by nVidia, but, since version 2.2.0 nHancer reintroduced the Supersampling modes (8xS, 16xS, 2x2 etc.) for 8x00 cards. Also, the SSAA 4x mode is limited to 1024x768 max.

Can you confirm this SSAA 2x mode ?

Also, does anybody know why Super-Transparency AA doesn't work with some games ?

04-24-07, 07:20 AM
What about the ATI cards ?

I dunno if you can force SSAA 2x in their last gpus.

04-24-07, 06:50 PM
you can force 4x SSAA on any modern card for D3D games using Dxtweaker, and 4x and 16x in D3D apps on ALL Nvidia cards with the 100+ Forceware drivers