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03-22-03, 04:12 AM
I have yet to read an article that answers my question. I have noticed that when playing games there are two different extremes that I can set up my games to run on that will yield good frames per second. One the one had I can go for extremely high resolution (i.e. 1600x1200) or on the other hand I can go for lower resolution to medium resolution and kick in antialiasing and/or anisotropic effects.

My question is has anyone ever compared the final visual quality. I mean if I play at 1600 by 1200 wouldn't that look as good as 1028 by 768 with anisotropic set to some good level? I am really stumped. My goal is to always play games with all game effects turned up to the maximum setting and then set my video card settings to give me the best quality while still maintaining a decent frames per seconds. In general I will always upgrade to the latest video card technology (ti4600 on one pc and 9700 on another). If you have thoughts or have read something please share....

03-22-03, 08:19 AM
I haven't got much of a choice, I get artifacts on my hacked 9500-9700 if I use AA. However, 1600x1200 with 4x AF seems to work and look good. The FPS were hitting 28 in UT 2003, but it was playable for playing offline. When I had AA, I barely used it anyway. I do like AF though!

03-22-03, 09:29 AM
The only way to answer that question is for you to experiment with the different settings on your own to determine what you like best. What I tell you looks good, you may not like.

But for what it's worth, my vid card has the power to do both high resolution and some form of anti-aliasing. In UT2003, I can play comfortably at 1280x1024 (highest resolution of my LCD) with 4xAA and 8x performance anisotropic filtering.

In Quake 3, I can play at this resolution with 6xAA and 16x anisotropic filtering and still have acceptable performance. If I can enable these extra visual enhancements while still maintaining good performance, why not use them? :D

04-20-03, 03:24 PM
The only thing 1600x1200 is going to do minimize the jaggies so you wouldn't need FSAA as much. It has nothing to do with Anisotropic filtering. You would still need that to bring in the clarity of textures more. Just do yourself a little test of being in a game on a cobble road or something similar. Run it at 1600x1200 with no Aniso and then at any res you want with say 8X or 16X Aniso. You will definitely see the difference of how far down the road you can see that is still clear.

04-22-03, 07:24 AM
On my GF3 I always use Anisotropic 8 for texture sharpness.

But when it comes to FSAA it depends on the game.
I did some benshmarking in 3dmarks 2k1 before where I checked performance of 640x480 with FSAA (all modes avalible) vs 1280x960 no FSAA

My conclution on my card was this: Some AA modes were faster at low res then the high res with no AA.

When it comes to image quallity ... humm.

I think it is best to try and find a good balance between screen res and FSAA
In my case my GF3 is the bottleneck that brings down performance at high res with FSAA so I cant go with the highest res possible and use best FSAA at the same, frame rates in general is too low.

But it also depends on the game it self.
Some games requier more power from your gfx card/computer
In 3dmarks when I use FSAA with a resonable resolution i dont get as good score but the frame rates in the test are still very very good from a gaming point of view (all above 40-60 fps and Im happy)

I often find myself using 1152x864 in games and when possible i use FSAA. Looks good on my 15inch monitor. If I can not use "odd" res in games I use either 1024x768 or 800x600 With best FSAA, In older games I tend to crank up the rest even more but with no FSAA as the jagginess is so tiny on my small monitor anyway.

So, as mentioned before this is all relative. I have an idea of what works good for me but that might not be true for you as you have other hardware then me.

as a side note my gfx card is a Gf3 ti 200 that is OCed above ti500 speeds but as I sayd, it is still limited.

My advice to you is to download Rivatuner and play with the settings alot and try with your games to find what modes and combinations that works best for you. Then you could make a set of configs for the launcher in rivatuner.